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Oct 7, 2020

On this episode we talk about why Pinterest is such an incredible marketing tool to attract warm leads, which will increase your traffic and grow your presence online. We bring on Kate Wilkinson- an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, writer, educator and expert in Pinterest Marketing. She helps businesses and other entrepreneurs grow, scale and explode their presence using Pinterest.

If you are selling or promoting anything, and not using Pinterest, it’s time to change that. On this episode you will learn step by step how to use Pinterest in your marketing strategy.

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: How Kate got to be the expert in Pinterest marketing (5:30).

Topic 2: Why Pinterest is different than the other social platforms (8:20) and how the platform has evolved (10:00). Now it is a search engine, not a social platform (10:15)

Topic 3: Why it’s important for brands to be marketing on Pinterest (14:00).

Topic 4: Steps to getting started on Pinterest for business if you have 1 hour (18:50).

Topic 5: How to get started on Pinterest marketing (22:10).

Topic 6: Pin templates and where to find ideas for designs (24:40).

Topic 7: Guide your viewer to point them where to go next (28:00).

Topic 8: How to pin 5-30 Pins a week by scheduling (31:00).

Topic 9: 3 S Strategy (38:10).


Resources mentioned in the episode:

Creative Market - For Pinterest Templates

Pinterest Templates on Kate Wilkinson

Tailwind - To schedule your pins ahead of time

Pinterest Trends - For seasonal content

5 Steps for Booking More Clients with Pinterest -  Free Giveaway

Kate Wilkinson Website

Kate Wilkinson Instagram

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