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May 24, 2020

In this episode I sit down with creator of Society Gal, a huge online community for female entrepreneurs, Jennifer Jaden. We talk the 4 C’s - Collaboration, connection, community + consistency = what drives success in building a business online.
Community is more important than ever, if you are building a business online. Finding like-minded people to keep you motivated and accountable, is so essential. You may not have been given people in your life that will totally understand what you’re trying to do, it’s your job to take responsibility and seek those relationships out. 
We talk personal branding and the importance of building presence around your WHY, because no matter what you do, what job you take, what business you start, your core values will stay the same. That is your personal brand, that is what you're known for. And as much as you know you are awesome, if you want to be of influence, you need to build your brand online.
Jennifer drops some big advice and asks all the questions that will make you really think.
Jennifer talks about how important it is to just get your voice out there. She encourages you to just start, and stop thinking too much before. Nothing is going to go 100% to plan, so even if you plan everything to a T, you’ll likely still have to pivot.
Topic 1 - Making connections with others in similar drives to help you navigate to the next step, hold you accountable and [6:50] + how to create opportunity to get people in your circle [16:20]
Topic 2 - How to create a personal brand [10:50] + start a Podcast to get your voice out there [25:00]
“If you don’t have a business idea, start by building a brand around yourself”
Topic 3 - Learning how to pivot and transition when it’s time [17:35]
Topic 4 - How to start, by starting small + keeping it simple, let your WHY drive [31:30]
“What do people come to you for and asking advice of you on?” (when finding your personal brand) [36.30]
Topic 5 - Surround yourself people who inspire you, challenge you and educate you + be mindful of the content you consume [38:45]

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