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May 24, 2020

In this solo episode we talk about the best practices working from home. Whether you are working from home temporarily or you work remote full time, we’ve got all the details on how to master it and how to get the most accomplished in the least amount of time.

The secret is forming good routines that add some structure to the day! With routines, good habits and time blocking tasks, it’s unreal how much how you can fit in the day. These practices will make you more money, leave you less stressed, and having more time for yourself, your family, your hobbies. 

It’s a solo episode where Alicia gets into it…

Topic 1 - Routines and core principles about creating good habits throughout the day. Forming good routines. The # 1 is creating a morning routine. Get hydrated, move, don’t look at your phone, and make yourself think.

Topic 2 - Do the most important work first thing. Save the fun or relaxed tasks for later in the day.

Topic 3 - Daily check-in checklist.

Topic 4 - Your eating habits effect your work.  Stop snacking and stat hydrated.

Topic 5 - Afternoon activities and work life/balance. Having a structure and routine gets you further without trading your whole day.

Topic 6 - Night routine, winding down, relaxing and recharging. 

Resources mentioned in this episode -


PLANNER I USE: Planner/calendar for writing to do lists and scheduling time for tasks

TIME CUBE: For time blocking your tasks

Check-in Checklist download


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