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Jun 10, 2020

How to find a legitimate remote job and work from wherever. In this episode I sat down with The Remote Job Coach, also knows as Jordan Carroll to get all the details. Jordan works directly with high performers to find the most meaningful positions and land the remote job of their dreams. We dive deep into the first steps of conducting a remote job search, and it all comes down to becoming the best version of yourself, first.

We talk about the importance of being mentally prepared to start a remote job search and in order to go after what you want, you need to be showing up as your best self. Jordan shares his routines and habits that he practices and teaches to his clients, because he understands the importance of being at the top of your  game in all areas of your life, before you can convince a dream job to hire you.

This episode is for you if you really just want to work remote and live the digital nomad lifestyle. I hear all different drives behind the why to work remotely- to be with your family more, or because being in an office setting for 40+ hours a week isn’t for you, because you have doctors appointments or social anxiety, or you want to be able to travel and work, or maybe you just know you are responsible enough to get the job done on your own schedule, without someone micro managing you in a cubical.

Something cool that Jordan dives into is that you can start your remote job search with your current job. He knows exactly how to approach your current job with an offer to them that allows you to work remotely. But it takes a lot more than just asking - you need to show that you are responsible, capable and trustworthy to do so. That all comes back full circle to showing up as your best self in all areas of your life - and that is really what this episode is about.

In the future I will have Jordan on to talk more details about how to actually start your job search and land a perfect job. This is all just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned for the next interview with Jordan.

Topics Discussed

Topic 1 - Why and how you can use a remote job coach and what Jordan offers to his clients.

Topic 2 - What you need to do and how you need to act in order to conduct a successful remote job search.

Topic 3 - Getting out of your house and staying social when you work remotely- because remote work is lonely! Here are ways to get out, get moving, make and meet friends.

Topic 4 - Giving up bad habits and starting good ones. Why Jordan gave up drinking, by doing it for one month and now it’s been over a year.

Topic 5 - What working with The Remote Job Coach looks like, and how the programs are set up.

Topic 6 - Common mistakes people do when searching for a remote job.

Topic 7 - Personal brand needs to be displayed online.

Topic 8 - How you can start working remotely within your current job.


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