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Jun 28, 2020

Does anyone else feel like they know they should be using social media ads like Facebook and instagram ads to grow their business? Because same. But where do you start? How do you target, how do you come up with a good strategy? As business owners and marketers, we are already working so hard at our organic strategy, do we have the time or budget for ads? SO MANY QUESTIONS which is why I  brought on this guest on the show today.

This episode is an interview with Jocelyn Panton, a Facebook and instagram ads manager expert. We talk about ways anyone with a business can have an ad strategy and it isn’t too far out of reach. With simple steps you can stand out from the rest and have a successful ad that converts leads to costumers. 

Topic 1 - Staying on top of trends and knowing when and why to use ads.


Topic 2 - Facebook Ads Manager explained (9:00)


Topic 3 - Get clear on your objective, your strategy is determined on what your goal is. (11:40)


Topic 4 - Steps to getting started on Ads Manager (13:00) and how to set up your first ad (14:00) start by knowing your audience 


Topic 5 - Mistakes businesses are making (15:20)


*giveaway - 30 minute call with Jocelyn to learn how to run ads yourself or if you want to run them for someone else.* 


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Free 15 minute discovery call with Jocelyn


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