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Jul 22, 2020

This episode is all about how to get organized in your business using 3 easy and free applications. As business owners and managers, there are so many things that need to be logged, saved, kept track of and these are tools to help with it all. Alicia gets into how to use each application and how to set them up to best work for a small business. It covers everything from logging hours, planning marketing, scheduling tasks, planning goals and more.

Topic 1 - Trello - a tool that organizes your projects into boards and a way to track the progress of each. How to set it up and what to use it for (5:10)

Topic 2 - Evernote - the home of all notes. This is a digital filing cabinet of all your notebooks and notes. How to use it for all your notes for your blog, projects, podcast, webinars that you learn from (9:04).

Topic 3 - Google Sheets - a live excel spreadsheet. Whether numbers are a love or hate relationship, a spreadsheet is the only way to track data like income, expenses, contacts, etc.(12:50)

Topic 4 - Download templates for Google Sheets 

Resources mentioned in this episode -

Get the blank templates for your weekly/daily calendar in Google Sheets

Get the black templates for income/expenses in Google Sheets

Get Started with Trello

Get Started with Evernote

Get Started with Google Sheets

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