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Aug 3, 2020

We chat with Christine Seibold, a freelancer, coach, community creator and author to discuss the importance of setting boundaries in your work and life to get what you want.

Don’t let your someday goals stay someday goals. Christine’s tangible steps to setting boundaries will help you actually achieve them and help to create confidence and success.

Topic 1: Christine’s story about travel, work and how she decided she wanted to become location independent as a virtual assistant (2:55).

Topic 2: About being a virtual assistant, services to offer, how to get more clients (6:45).

Topic 3: How to get started with a new client as a VA (10:05).

Topic 4: What boundaries are and how they lead to a happy life, self esteem and success (13:25).

Topic 5: More about the women entrepreneur group Christine started in Spain (23:00).

Topic 6: What is your passion? We get into your WHY and setting boundaries to make it happen (35:10).

Topic 7: What are boundaries and how to use them to succeed (35:30).


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