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Aug 19, 2020

We sit down with the queen virtual assistant of the wedding industry, Taylor Daniels AKA, 'It’s Va Tay'.

We talk all about how to become a virtual assistant and the importance of niching down. We talk about how it’s almost more important to get started, build solid relationships, work hard, learn and then figure out your niche. 

We give ideas for good industries to get into and how to set up your pricing and contracts — really everything you need to know about starting a VA business and working from home.

Topic 1 - Why and how to pick a niche (4:55 and 6:25).

Topic 2 - What services to offer as a virtual assistant (10.05).

Topic 3 - Make sure the relationship meshes (20:15).

Topic 4 - Know your worth (20:30) & hourly rate (22:00).

Topic 5 - Working from home with a toddler (19:50) and the importance of creating a schedule (22.30).

Topic 6 - The importance of keeping a good relationship with your clients  + how to communicate as a virtual assistant (26.50).

Topic 7 - Setting up payment and contract that works for you (29:10).

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