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Sep 16, 2020

This week we talk about a very popular element of the marketing world - Instagram. And not just how to get followers, but how to use Instagram to grow a business. We brought on Instagram expert, Brooke Vulinovich to give us her top secrets to growing businesses through Instagram.

Brooke is a international keynote speaker, and creator of the online coaching community called The Social Club, where she empowers businesses all over the world with knowledge, confidence and the tools to sell more on Instagram.

She shares so many good takeaways on this episode along with her 2 most effective things to do when growing your business on Instagram. (HINT, it's not posting every day) - we're the quality over quantity type.

Resources Mentioned

Planoly for scheduling Instagram posts

Brooke’s Instagram

Social Club Community Instagram  

Brooke’s Facebook

Social Club Community Facebook

Brooke’s LinkedIn

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