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Oct 14, 2020

This episode we focus on how to sell on Instagram as a product-based company. Alicia brings on Michelle Grout, owner and designer behind XO Hanalei - a jewelry company based in Hawaii and Southern California.

Michelle gives all the details on how to make sales on Instagram using consistency, collaboration, influencers, user generated content and curating a perfect feed.

You'll be inspired to turn your side hustle to your main hustle with this episode!

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: About Michelle and XOH Hanalei (3:15) and how quality of the product is a must.

Topic 2:  How she went from side business to full deep dive into making it her full business (6:50).

Topic 3: Strategy to sell on Instagram through giveaways, figure out audience, collaborations, influencers. (8:30) and why she chose the platform.

Topic 4: Finding people you know will be interested in your product, and how to get in front of them (10:27).

Topic 5:  Be consistent, show up regularly (11:00) and show the process and behind the scenes (11:39).

Topic 6: Cohesive feed (12:20) and how to edit.

Topic 7: Other social media marketing (13:30)

Topic 8: User generated content (17:10) and how to get people to share without asking.

Topic 9: How to stay consistent and plan posts (19:00) and keep up with the trends of your niche (23:00).


Resources mentioned in the episode:

XO Hanalei Website

XO Hanalei Instagram

Planoly for planning content

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The Virtual Hustle Website 

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