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Oct 21, 2020

This episode is a quick solo episode about what it takes to reach a goal. The result is ALWAYS about the work that others don't see. We talk about how to even figure out what goals you want to accomplish, how to visualize them and how to accomplish them by mastering the mundane and staying consistent.

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: Write down 3 good things that have happened in 2020 (1:00) My three highlights so far (2:45). Gratitude is a huge part of success.

Topic 2: Success is in the mundane, boring details and success is always in the work you do not see (4:45).

Topic 3: Example - fitness (7:00) and why making excuses for yourself is holding you back.

Topic 4: There are always struggles you do not see (8:45).

Topic 5: Is this your first reaction to seeing other people success? (9:45)

Topic 6: Win/Win mentality and paradigm (10:00).

Topic 7: Solution to jealousy and how to figure out what you want (10:30).

Topic 8: Brainstorm and write down things you actually want to accomplish (11:05).

Topic 9: Visualize it (11:30) make it happen by putting in the work (13:00).

Topic 10: Integrity: The promises you make to yourself (14:00).

Resources mentioned in the episode:

75 Hard Program

Planoly for planning content

The Virtual Hustle Community - Join our Facebook Group

The Virtual Hustle Website 

The Virtual Hustle Instagram