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Oct 28, 2020

Today’s guest is your GO TO girlfriend for all things small business. She is the girlfriend you never even knew you needed. As a small business owner, she realized how important it was to have a community of girls in the same boat supporting each other. Her business model is consistently giving regular and incredible quick tips for all the things small business, starting out, marketing your company online, everything. 

She shares her favorite tips and answers the most asked questions when it comes to starting out on a new business journey.

Her mission is to share everything she learns as she goes, in hopes of helping others along the same path. Community over competition is a huge theme in her brand and we get into exactly what that means in the show.

Let’s welcome My Girlfriend Renee!

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: How Renee got started in in the blogging world after she was working as a hair stylist (5:00).

Topic 2: Figure it out mentality and how her blog turned into a monthly shirt subscription (6:00). How to just get started (8:25).

Topic 3: The evolution of My Girlfriend Renee, the pivot and importance of listening to your audience (10:50).

Topic 4:  Most popular topic/trend/question Renee gets asked. Perfectionism (13:40).

Topic 5: An example of providing value in a caption on Instagram (15:50).

Topic 6: Favorite tools Renee Uses and explanation of both. Lightroom and Over (18:50).

Topic 7: Pinterest is the biggest traffic driver to her website (24:00).

Topic 8: How to funnel your viewers by providing value (25:00).

Topic 9:  About Boss Babe Shirt Club and more about community (26:15)

Topic 10: Morning routine (32:00).

Topic 11: You’re different if you work hard, silence the b*tch voice and do the work (36:50).



Resources mentioned in the episode:

My Girlfriend Renee Instagram

My Girlfriend Renee Blog

Lightroom app for editing photos

Over app

Planoly for planning content


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