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Nov 11, 2020

In this episode we talk about how to show up authentically online and how to build genuine relationships that translate to real life. It’s a topic that cannot be overlooked, for anyone building a brand or business online.

Today’s guest is Samantha Harris from Auctus Social — she is a marketing strategist and business mentor for female entrepreneurs —  who focuses on helping people show up authentically online. 

In this episodes Samantha shares tips what to share and post online to show your authenticity and what maybe not to post. 

Samantha has been in the game for a while and she gives some really good tips on this episode if you’re looking to build stronger connections using platforms like Instagram.

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: How she came up with the name and background of Auctussocial (3:00).

Topic 2: Her framework to get get started connecting authentically online (6:00) 

Topic 3: How to actually show up authentically and ideas of what to talk about (8:20).

Topic 4: Start with Day in the Life (9:50).

Topic 5: When you’re authentic, you attract real relationships in business and in life (13:20).

Topic 6: Bringing the connection to real life - by creating a photo meet up to shoot content (15:00)

Topic 7: If you’re just starting out, start with Instagram (19:30).

Topic 8: Step 1 - show up, don’t post and ghost (24:50)

Topic 9: Resources 

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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