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Nov 18, 2020

Today's episode is all about automation and setting up processes to get things gone quicker and more efficiently.

Even in the smallest businesses, projects or tasks, there is room for automation. Why not save minutes a day and hours a week, to give you more time to focus on the things that will move the needle?

Today’s guest is Will Christensen who is a master at data automation and loves to create innovative solutions for businesses and individuals to be more efficient

He is the co-founder of DataAutomation, a nerd powered company which customizes both automation and integration processes for e-commerce sellers. Will also heads up business development for RoundSphere, a tech incubator dedicated to developing new opportunities through software. 

Topic 1: Will’s background in working at a marketing agency, where he became really excited about the idea of automation (7:40) He took the work of 15 hours and crunched it to 2 hours. 

Topic 2: How to start the automation process (11:10) & how to break it down into processes.

Topic 3: Excel formulas to macro’s to code (13:10).

Topic 4: Finding the manual processes that are killing your business and automate, delegate or eliminate (16:02).

Topic 5: 15-1 -1 -1 -5  Look for tasks that are taking more than 15 1 1.

Topic 6: Examples of common tasks that take up a lot of time (21:12).


Resources mentioned in the episode:


Loom - Audio communication

Screen Hunter

Clipboard manager - Copy Cli- Mac, Clip Clip PC

E Myth Book

Traction Book*mention the show for 30 min free of consulting time! Usually $350 an hour

Will's Linkedin
DataAutomation Facebook

The Virtual Hustle Community - Join our Facebook Group

The Virtual Hustle Website 

The Virtual Hustle Instagram


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