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Jan 27, 2021

In this episode we sit down with a leader in the tech industry and an incredible woman entrepreneur. Jennifer Didier has built a company that has had massive growth year after year, and she shares her mind set and tools it took to get there.

She runs her company, Directions Training, with a fully remote team and explains all the benefits of doing so. She is an inspiration by the way she leads, her innovation and go-getter mentality.

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: Jennifers first taste of entrepreneurship, at age 16 approaching a local business with a solution to a problem they were having.

Topic 2: How she started her tech training company 30 years ago.

Topic 3: How the internet allows you to reach experts in the industry and how we are no longer bound by our location.

Topic 4: Directions Training is a nationwide leader in IT, Business and Enterprise training. They teach softwares and tools to be more efficient and well versed in common apps.

Topic 5: Systems and tools used to keep the remote team thriving.

Topic 6: Women in Technology and Tech in The Right Direction Podcast.

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

Directions Training Information
Jennifer Didier LinkedIn

The Virtual Hustle Community 
The Virtual Hustle Website
The Virtual Hustle Instagram

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