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Jan 12, 2021

This episode is all about growing your business online-- that includes being motivated and inspired my your work from home space, how to get the most out of the work day without burnout, how to successfully launch a virtual event and the story behind HerDesk. 

Dana Snyder is the founder of Her Desk and Positive Equation. Dana is an entrepreneur, digital strategist and passionate conscious consumer.

I loved this conversation so much because we hit on a lot of topics that are huge pain points for a lot of people right now. How to leverage your connections when building a business online. How to create and run a successful virtual event. How to trust your gut, get a plan and get to work. Why it’s so important to feel passionate about what it is you are starting.. and to top it all off, she created a product that is MAJOR.  


Topic 1: Starting digital marketing company, Positive Equation, moved to LA and Atlanta and HerDesk.

Topic 2: Leaving your current job to start your own thing.

Topic 3: Her experience working in Digital and for non profit.

Topic 4: Importance of connection and circle of influence.

Topic 5: Strategies to get people to join your Lives and virtual events.

Topic 6: How she started HerDesk company, the story.

Topic 7:  Features of Her Desk.

Topic 8: Work from home life and time management.


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