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Aug 26, 2020

This solo episode Alicia get’s into the importance of putting yourself up to challenges. This is a business development, entrepreneurial, work remote podcast but at the very core of your business, is you. The only way to get stronger, better and more focused is to put yourself up to uncomfortable things.

Alicia talks about her experience backpacking through Europe, what she learned and how it was the ultimate challenge that she signed up for— it was life changing. 

Good news, you don’t need to get on a plane and backpack Europe to gain extraordinary results in your life, you can start with challenges right here, right now in your daily life.

In the episode Alicia presents a challenge program that every single person can do and benefit from. It isn’t easy, but it builds grit, confidence, credibility with yourself, time management skills and improved physical fitness. 


Topic 1 - The importance of challenging yourself in different areas of your life (1:09).

Topic 2 -  Talking about it and being about it, which are you (4:40).

Topic 3 - TVH Community is where we’re going to start challenges and act as accountability  (6:00).

Topic 4 - The Camino De Santiago backpacking trip and what it taught me about challenge (6:30).

Topic 5 - Create challenges that don’t need to be such a commitment (12:16).

Topic 6 -  75 Hard Challenge, what it is and how to gain mental strength and overcome an ultimate challenge (13:42).

Topic 7 - Join the challenge here (facebook group) (18:43).

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