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Dec 9, 2020

Uncut conversation with the two badass business owners of Cera Salon on Orange County, CA. We talk full transparency about starting a business, particularly in the beauty industry, warnings signs and positives of having a business partner, and how to navigate a new business in the era of Covid.

We're big supporters of small business, especially in our community. This team is unstoppable and still so new.

This conversation will be beneficial for anyone who owns a business or is thinking about opening a business.

To support Cera and local small businesses we're selling "SORRY WE'RE OPEN" crew neck sweatshirts. Proceeds go to one local business who is forced to close due to lock down restrictions.

To support our local small businesses - Sweatshirts HERE

Enjoy the conversation!


Resources mentioned in this episode -


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Alicia Baldino Instagram


And DON'T FORGET to GOAL PLAN with us - we have a 20 minute podcast and workbook to follow along with on how to plan your 2021 business goals.

Listen to the episode here and get the workbook here.