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Mar 3, 2021

On this episode we sit down with our very own marketing and podcast manager/virtual assistant, Kathleen Grant. Kathleen is so talented, organized, data driven. On this episode she gives all the tips on starting and growing a VA business, while keeping her job as a full time chief stewardess and travels the world. She’s an expert in Pinterest marketing for podcasters and content creators and knows the ins and outs of the podcast world. If you think you’re ready to outsource tedious tasks in your business, OR if you want to learn how to offer virtual assistant services, this episode is for you.

So grateful to have Kathleen on The Virtual Hustle team and I'm excited for you guys to hear her story.

Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1: Kathleens remote work life as a yacht chief stewardess by day and marketing, virtual assistant, podcast expert by night and weekend.

Topic 2: How and why she started her virtual assistant business.

Topic 3: Ways to get into being a Virtual Assistant - why Kathleen suggests to start working for free.

Topic 4: Best kept secret to social media marketing - PINTEREST.

Topic 6: Ditch Fiverr and get on Facebook groups.

Topic 7: How to know when to out source and hire a VA.

Topic 8: Cross promotion and other ways to get more traction on your podcast.

Resources Mentioned:

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