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Jun 16, 2020

Betsy Blumenfeld, owner of SALT Pilates in San Diego and branding powerhouse in the space, had to close her doors due to Covid 19 after only 3 months in business.

We discussed how she was able to continue to grow her brand and business regardless of being able to be physically open. As a brick and mortar, it is not easy to pivot quickly to meet the demands of what was happening around us. But Betsy did, she instantly figured out how to do classes online and she had instructors who were eager to help.

There is no way to predict all of the things that happen in life and business, but the sooner you realize that you get to choose how you handle the cards that are dealt to you, you instantly separate yourself from the rest.

Betsy touched on a lot topics that come up when starting a new business - how to hire your employees, what your aesthetics are going to look, what color desk you’re going to have—

Topic 1 - How and why she got started in Pilates. She wanted to fill a void that she felt was missing from the pilates industry.  She wanted to bring community aspect of exercise and why she chose to open a Pilates Studio. (2:00)


Topic 2 - How she kept the community alive through Covid - 19 and closing the doors. (6:30)


Topic 3 - How to hire (7:30) and how your messaging needs to stay consistent.


Topic 4 - When she was forced to pivot, she instantly created a way to have classes online (14:15). How she chose the best online platform to use.


Topic 5 - Investing in your potential customers- you have to give in order to get (17:50).


Topic 6 - Betsy’s 2 pieces of advice for someone starting a business. 1. Pick something that is authentic to you and something that you love. 2. Listen to other peoples advice (sometimes).


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