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Jun 24, 2020


Alicia gets into the first 5 steps of how to set the foundation for your virtual business and get your first client. This episode is for all of you who want to work remotely, be a freelancer or eventually have your own business with many clients.


This episode gives tangible and tactical tips along with homework for you to really get the most out of it. Use the link here to access the work book to follow along and take notes.


Topic 1 - The KEY is solving a problem. Figure out what problem you can solve another business or business owner.


Topic 2 - What are your strengths? Start thinking of services that you can offer right now without any additional training. What tasks do you like to do? Write them down!


Topic 3 - Choosing your name for your business or brand.


Topic 4 - Getting an LLC.


Topic 5 - Starting with your own contacts, friends and family. How can you potentially work for them?


Topic 6 - Use the workbook to write in all of your replies. Step 5 is to build your website, we get into why it is important and how to easily get started. Go Daddy is an easy way to get started and have a 1 stop shop.


Topic 7 - Ideas for remote work.


Resources mentioned in this episode -


Access the work book - How To Get Your First Virtual Client


The Virtual Hustle Group on Facebook


The Virtual Hustle Instagram


The Virtual Hustle Website and Blog


Alicia Baldino Instagram