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Sep 23, 2020

This is a solo episode about HABITS. Habits, whether good or bad, make our lives. Series of habits make our routines and our days,  and they either bring us closer to goals or keep us farther away. 

This episode we talk about how to acknowledge your habits, what cues a habit, and how to change a habit.

Whatever you’re doing, whether you have a side business, a full time business or your an employee — it all starts with you, and you start with your habits and your day-to-day.

We talk about how 75 Hard program helps instill habits and how it is the perfect program to learn how to adapt to new routines.


Topics Discussed in the episode:

Topic 1 - My start of 75 Hard- why I’m doing it and how I feel this program helps build good habits and teaches how to build other good habits (3:00).

Topic 2 - What are habits? (4:45) Habit Loop explained. Cue, Habit, Reward. Acknowledge your habits that are holding you back.

Topic 3 -  Habits are achieved in 2 parts - when you actually believe they are possible, and when you surround yourself with people who are doing it to help you believe it’s possible (10:00)

Topic 4 - The value of surrounding yourself with like-minded people (13:30).

Topic 5 - Making it again cool to work hard (17:25).

Topic 6 - Working out and keystone habits (18:00).


Resources Mentioned

The Power of Habit - book

Atomic Habits - book

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