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Sep 30, 2020

We're on a big kick of self progression and the idea of happiness is a huge apart of that. When we are living a happy life, things start to get better and we start to get better. This episode we get into how to unlock true happiness.

Today’s guest on the show is Scott Simon, a happiness expert who has spent the last 20 years discovering small ways to push personal boundaries to achieve greater happiness. Scott studied “The Science of Happiness” with a Harvard professor and focused on the key conclusion that pushing comfort zones is the best way to grow and improve. 

Scott is the founder of Scare Your Soul - a global courage movement to inspire millions to push beyond our comfort zones and stand up to the fears that can hold us back from living our best, fullest lives.

He’s get all the details and execution techniques to help you all do the same because I think we can all use a little extra happiness right now.

Topic 1: Scare Your Soul and how doing a particular thing produces happiness (4:30).

Topic 2: Optimal anxiety (12:00) Comfort zones feel really good, and they make us feel "kind of" happy. It isn't always fun, but what is fun is what happens after you tackle what you have been thinking about.

Topic 3: Use this time to grow. Push yourself and come out of this tough time harder (16:00).

Topic 4: How to start learning to not care what others think of you (19:30).

Topic 5: Accountability and how to make what you want to reality (25:00).

Topic 6: Happiness is directly related to your relationships with others, (33:00), physical, savoring individual current moments (34:00), acts of service.

Topic 7: Control what you can control, and exercise your courage muscles to be able to handle whatever get's thrown at you (36:00).

Topic 8: Small challenges = small wins = big wins (47:50).



- Nurturting relationships

-Physical activity

- Cultivating a sense of savoring: Think about the things we do habitually without actually thinking about them.

- Acts of service - 

Resources Mentioned:

"The How Of Happiness" - Book

"Wild" - Book

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