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Jul 14, 2020

This episode is on a very specific topic - email marketing and how to create an email marketing strategy. The question often comes up, “How can I make more money online?” INSERT EMAIL MARKETING.

This episode will give you the fundamentals on how to create a simple and cohesive email marketing strategy for either your business OR you can use the tools we teach and apply it to offering email marketing services to other businesses as a freelancer or virtual assistant. Win, win. Those are 2 options on how to make more money working remotely, right there. 

Alicia brought Jena Bagley, expert in email marketing and advocate manager at Aweber, on the show to explain how truly important email marketing is, how it doesn’t have to be over complicated, and how to create a solid strategy. 

If you are not even sure where to begin with email marketing YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE and this episode is for you.

Topic 1: More about Jena and Aweber and how Aweber is different than other email platforms (3:12).

Topic 2: Why email marketing is needed for any business, soloprenuer, coach, freelancer, podcaster (9:00).

Topic 3: Where to start with email marketing strategy. Creating a landing page or sign up form, build your list by exchanging something they want for a subscriber (10:20).

Topic 4: Why an engaged list is important (13:00).

Topic 5: How to grow your email list (14:50).

Topic 6: Welcome email and what should be in it (17:50).

Topic 7: What types of emails to send- topics and ideas (20:00)

Topic: ROI and how to troubleshoot emails that don’t convert (25:00)

Resources mentioned in this episode -

AWeber - email marketing service - 30 days free

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Jena Bagley Linked In


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